Breastfeeding Medicine

In today’s world, it can seem difficult to find mothers who had positive breastfeeding experiences. According to the CDC, 84.1% of babies born in 2017 started their lives breastfeeding. Only 58.3% of them were still breastfeeding at 6 months of age, though.

While some of these mothers stopped breastfeeding based on personal choice, others stopped breastfeeding because of difficulties associated with low milk supply, pain or discomfort with nursing, poor infant weight gain, or a lack of support.

Here at Little Flower Family Medicine, we believe that successful breastfeeding is supported breastfeeding.

Our staff are committed to promoting, protecting, and supporting women in their breastfeeding journeys, and being champions of this most natural element of childcare. At Little Flower Family Medicine, our lactation staff can assist you with a variety of issues that you and your child may be facing, including:

  • Weak or no latch
  • Low milk supply
  • Pain during breastfeeding
  • Nipple injury
  • And more

We also offer prenatal evaluations to help you prepare for your breastfeeding relationship with your baby. If you have been referred to Little Flower Family Medicine for a breastfeeding consultation, please use the following form to request an appointment.

Information and Support for Breastfeeding Mothers: