Chiropractic Care

Our gentle, precise chiropractic adjustments will remove vertebral subluxations that negatively impact your health and comfort, and help you live a pain-free, balanced life.

What Makes Us Different?

Pursuing maternal or pediatric chiropractic care is a big decision, and it’s critical to work with someone you can trust.

Here at Little Flower Family Medicine, we pride ourselves on offering reliable, science-backed, effective, safe chiropractic treatments for mothers, pregnant women, babies, kids, and adults.
Here are a few of the benefits you’ll enjoy when you work with us:

Board-certified chiropractic care.

Dr. Dorough at Little Flower Family Medicine is a board-certified chiropractor in Missouri. He also holds a certificate from the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association, meaning he is a specialist in infants and children.

Consistent methods.

Because we use computer-guided adjustments, our methods are accurate and reproducible. This means you get consistent, predictable care with every visit to our office.

Compassionate care for newborns.

Your child’s health and happiness are your top priorities, and it can be difficult to trust your newborn baby to a chiropractor. Here at Little Flower Family Medicine, though, our chiropractic team specializes in providing safe, gentle, highly effective chiropractic care for your baby. We treat your family like our family.

Gentle adjustments.

You won’t find any forceful twisting, cracking, or popping here. Instead, Dr. Dorough uses a computer-guided adjustment based on technology developed by NASA. The result is gentle tapping and spinal manipulations, rather than forceful adjustments. This method is not used on infants, who receive gentle touch only.

The Benefits of Maternal Chiropractic Care

Anyone who has experienced pregnancy knows that it involves a variety of aches, pains, and strange symptoms.

Whether you’re at the beginning of your pregnancy, or the phase when rolling over in bed is a ten-part movement, quality chiropractic care can help resolve discomfort and prepare your body for the birth process.

Here are a few of the benefits of maternal chiropractic care:

A healthier pregnancy.
The overall goal of chiropractic care is to remove nerve obstructions and promote optimal organ and immune system function. As such, prenatal chiropractic care can promote a healthier pregnancy and help you avoid many of the uncomfortable symptoms of carrying your baby.

Reduced nausea and morning sickness.

Nausea is one of the most common symptoms of pregnancy and can persist throughout the first trimester and beyond. Fortunately, chiropractic care realigns the spine and improves nervous system function, promoting a healthy hormone balance and reducing or eliminating nausea.

Easier labor.
Regular chiropractic adjustments throughout pregnancy keep the spine, pelvis, and hips in line, and ensure optimal nerve function. Since the nervous system controls important processes like contractions and cervical dilation during labor, this can help you prepare for an optimal delivery – regardless of what your birth plan entails.

Less back pain.

Low back pain can be debilitating during late pregnancy. As the saturation of the relaxin hormone increases in your body, your joints and ligaments loosen in the pelvic and spinal areas. This causes instability and pain in the low back and can lead to postural issues. Fortunately, chiropractic adjustments help correct posture and promote healthy spinal curvature to reduce or eliminate low back pain.

Improved baby positioning.

Improper baby positioning can lead to labor and birth complications, including dystocia, difficult vaginal delivery, cord prolapse, and deliveries by Cesarean section. Obtaining chiropractic care throughout your pregnancy, however, helps maintain healthy pelvic alignment, which provides your baby with ample room to move freely and settle into a head-down position.

The Benefits of Infant Chiropractic Care

Infants often need adjustments and physical care after birth.

Due to the nature of pregnancy and birth, many babies experience pain, difficulty feeding, or sleep problems after birth, especially if the birth was complicated, difficult, or involved dystocia. Chiropractic care can identify indicators that may be causing your baby discomfort and promote a better relationship between you and your precious little one. Taking your baby to a pediatric chiropractor can generate a host of benefits, including…

  • Better sleep
  • Better brain and nerve development
  • Enhanced immunity
  • Decreased signs of colic or digestive discomfort
  • Better overall mood

Our services help to fully resolve feeding, sleeping, and colic challenges and help babies integrate into their new world more effectively.

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