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Personalized Specialist Care for Your Family.

You and your family deserve the best care, and that’s exactly what we provide. Modern medicine doesn’t always have the time to give you personalized care. Many of our patients feel let down by their current providers, and they’re left confused about their health and unsure what plan to follow so they can actually feel better.

We’re here to change all that with personalized specialist health care that ensures you feel seen, heard, and well cared for, just like you deserve.


Providing Holistic, Natural-Minded Health Care Since 2013

Our team is committed to providing you with quality care from medical professionals you can trust. Our office includes one doctor, two nurse practitioners, two lactation consultants, a physician assistant, and a chiropractor. We proudly provide the following services:

Tongue-Tie Specialist

A comprehensive evaluation that tells you everything you need to know about ties. We’ll guide you through treatment, the ideal timing, and how to get the best outcome!

Chiropractic Services

Tension in the body leads to restriction and can be present from birth. Our specialist chiropractor finds the source and gently releases tension, without cracking, twisting, or popping.

Lactation Consultation

Breastfeeding Medicine

Primary Care

Tongue- and Lip-Tie Treatment

Functional Medicine

Natural Procreative Technology


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We understand how important it is to feel like you’re making the right health choices for yourself and your family, which is why we used our specialized medical experience to help thousands of patients just like you from almost every state in the country!

To get started with personalized health care guidance today, fill out your form so we can get to know you. Then, attend your personalized consultation for an attentive, thorough conversation so you can finally feel empowered about your health care decisions. 

So fill out your form today! And in the meantime, watch our baby accordion video to find out how you can help your fussy baby feel better using the baby accordion technique. This way, you can stop feeling frustrated and desperate, and instead be informed and empowered about your health care! 



Help Your Fussy Baby Feel Better.

Watch our video and see how you can help your fussy baby feel better using the baby accordion method.